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Which forms are available?

Three different forms for OPAC/OPAC-IC requests

There are three different forms in place to send reimbursement requests to the OPAC/OPAC-IC Treasurer.

  • opac-ic_expenses_form for shopping trips, orientation, international retreats, guest days & travel etc.
  • security_expenses_form for private security guards and security equipment
  • vehicle_scheme_form for kilometers travelled with private cars under the vehicle scheme

It is mandatory for every staff member to use those forms to get reimbursement for their expenses and kilometers travelled on a quarterly basis.

One form for Bavarianfund

The form for Bavarianfund reimbursement request has a similar layout. This form needs to be sent to Mr Lothar Stock

  • bavarian-fund_expenses_form for school fee & travel, medical, german retreats, gone finish etc.

Please don't hesitat to ask Mr Lothar Stock if you have any questions concerning this form

All Forms for several computer applications

The different forms are provided for the most common computer programs:

Microsoft Word

Password locked forms to be filled on the Computer.

Available for Word '97 and Word '07.

Those files may be suitable for Open Office Writer, Mac-Word and Lotus or other programs as well.

Microsoft Excel

Four different spreadsheets within one file to be copied and taken as templates by the users. Only green shadowed cells are to be changed. There is no driving logbook interlinked to the vehicle scheme reimbursement request form but this may be added by users of this form.

Available for Excel '97 and Excel '07.

Those files may be suitable for Open Office, Mac-Excel and Lotus or other programs as well.


To be filled by hand, if Word or Excel can't be used.


The forms are provided in the download section of the OPAC-IC Website.

Any Questions?

Don't hesitate to contact the OPAC/OPAC-IC Treasurer

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