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The general OPAC Pool Car regulations apply to the Madang Pool Car as well. Special arrangements are mentioned below. Finally the Madang Pool Car is under the administration of the OPAC Pool Car Administrator as well.

The Madang Pool Car serves people who have a contract with one of the Partnerchurches of ELC-PNG and serve within the country. It is especially for Outstation Staff in the Madang-Area, but also for other Staff, coming to Madang for any purpose. Anybody who comes to Madang as overseas visitor has to use the Guest House Car which is available as well.

Basic Information

  • Everybody who uses the car is responsible to use it carefully and to keep the necessary records. Madang Pool Car Administrators are Paulsteiners and Grauvogls.
  • The car is parked at the Lutheran Guest House, Madang. The Guest House looks after the key as well. But the Guest House is not involved at all in any administration of the car like booking, maintenance or finance.
  • Bookings of the car need to be arranged with Beate or Hans Grauvogl.
  • Driving Logbook:
    There is a driving logbook where every driven kilometer needs to be written down.
  • Expenses Logbook:
    The expenses logbook is kept analogously to the driving logbook. Every expense needs a receipt or an invoice, stored within the mileage folder. If you refuel the car please note the amount in liters as well!

Maintenance / Repairs

  • Every driver is responsible to refuel the car with diesel! (Put the receipt into the mileage folder and write it down in the expenses logbook – then the amount will be deducted from your mileage payment!)
  • It’s the responsibility of every driver to check liquids and tyre pressures.
  • If there is any maintenance or repair necessary contact the Administrator. Otherwise there won’t be a refund for the repair and you will have to pay for damages caused by an unauthorised action.


  • The driven kilometers will be invoiced quarterly and recalculated with expenses.
  • Only private and home board related kilometers needs to be paid. Work Related, International Retreat etc. kilometers will be paid directly from the respective accounts. Therefore good records are vital for administration.
  • For payment due please make a deposit on the “Madang Overseas Personnel Pool Car” Account.
  • Bank Account of Madang Overseas Personnel Pool Car:
Name: Madang Overseas Personnel Pool Car
Account Number: 13478461
Bank: ANZ – Madang

Usage of the Car:

4 WD

The green H4 Button
"Free wheel hub" or "4WD-Lock"

If you need the 4 WD you have to get out of the car, turn the free wheel hub of both front wheels into position “lock” and push the “H 4 – Button” while the car does not move. If you need a really small gear transmission ratio use the small gear stick to go into “Low 4”. To go back into 2 WD, get out of “Low 4”, push the “H 4 – Button” and set the free wheel hub of the front wheels into position “free”.

Backdoor Lock

Finding the backdoor-lock? Look at this:

Backdoor Lock.jpg

If you have any suggestions, complaints etc. feel free to contact the Administrator!

Thanks for cooperation!

Madang, 27/01/11

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