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This is the outline of a structure developed in December 2011 for the coordination of a variety of tasks formerly subsumized under "OPAC Coordinator" or "OPAC Assistant (Office)". A position that was staffed through parttime assignement of an Overseas Personnel from 2005 until end of 2011. With the beginning of 2012 this position is not longer available.

Since it is still felt to be necessarry to do certain administrative tasks concerning Overseas Personnel sent by a Partner Church to serve within the Evangelical Lutheran Chruch of Papua New Guinea (ELC-PNG) within PNG under the supervision of the Lutheran Overseas Partner Churches (LOPC) and the Overseas Personnel Affairs Committee (OPAC) the following interim structure was developed during an OPAC - Implementation Committee (OPAC-IC) meeting in December 2011 together with the Acting OPAC Chairperson and communicated through him with LOPC.

Therefore these guidelines are in place from January 1, 2012 onward until further notice.

They have been updated in September 2013 to reflect the situation at that time. In the understanding of all people concerned it is still an interim solution



As poeple working together within the ELC-PNG we are part of God's Mission to all people. Overseas Personnel working within the structure of ELC-PNG are part of ELC-PNG itself, the Sending Partner Church and also within the structure of LOPC and OPAC. To develop the partnership between ELC-PNG and its Partner Churches is an ongoing process within a broader picture but also through assignment of tasks and responsibilities to different persons and entities to keep operations going.

Since it is the obligation of the employer to provide certain benefits for his employees setted through a variety of agreements, Overseas Personnell is in a sometimes difficult position, because most of them working under the Three or Four Party Agreements. Especially for new staff is the whole administrative setup rather difficult to understand. Therefore we need simple, sufficient and reliable administrative structures to deliver benefits and entitlements to the staff. This is the responsibility of LOPC and OPAC together with ELC-PNG.

The below presented structure is only an interim solution, since it is based pretty much on assignment of extra responsibility to different persons who were thankfully willing to volunteer. A longterm solution is absolutely necessary and expected from the staff involved.

OPAC Coordination

This structure is based on two components to make sure that benefits and entitlements are delivered to LOPC-Staff working in PNG according to the existing agreements: administration and supervision.


One position for the "Administrative Clerk and Driver" exists already for some years. Mr. Bobbie Besari is responsible vor administration of Lae Pool Cars, arrangement of pick-ups and drop-offs and he assists the OPAC Coordination in a variety of tasks like cheque writing and banking.
Another position is an accountant based at Adelaide. Mr Carl Richter is working parttime as "OPAC-Treasurer". He processes all quarterly reimbursement requests and is responsible for the bookkeeping of the OPAC-IC Account.

Supervision and Decision Making

Supervision needs a profund knowledge of the rather complicated system. Therefore decision making is entirely in the hand of the supervisors for the different areas and is consequently part of OPAC-IC. If a supervisor is uncertain how to handle a enquiry he may contact OPAC-IC. If a staff member want's a decision to be reconsidered he may submit it in writing to OPAC-IC.

The following areas of work have their respective supervisors:

  • Overall Finance: Mrs Ulrike Hartmann-Mitz
Duties: Overall financial supervision of OPAC Coordination within PNG, Supervisor of OPAC Treasurer and Administrative Clerk.
Approval of vehicle loans and vehicle list. Looking after budgets.
  • Orientation: Rev Kinim Siloi (Director of ICRE)
Duties: any issue regarding orientation of new staff. Looking after orientation budget.
  • Reimbursement Claims: Mr Carl Richter
Duties: approval of vehicle and OPAC reimbursement requests. OPAC-IC Account bookkeeping and reporting
  • Pool Car Lae: Mr Matthias Troeger
Duties: responsible for Lae Pool Cars.
  • Pool Car Madang: Mrs Beate and Rev Hans Grauvogl
Duties: Any issue related to Madang Pool Car.
  • Security: Mr Lothar Stock
Duties: any issues regarding security and looking after security budget.
  • Insurance: Mr Thorsten Krafft
Duties: any issues regarding insurances.

Working within this structure

In general is always the respective supervisor to be approached for enquiries unless stated different below. The supervisor then will make decisions and he may assign tasks to the administrative staff.

The general rule applies for all issues regarding orientation, security and insurance.

Lae Pool Car bookings, pick-up and drop-off are to be arranged directly with the Driver. Any questions regarding clarification of payments needs to be adressed to the Lae Pool Car supervisor.
All enquiries (booking, clarification etc.) regarding Madang Pool Car needs to be dealt with the Madang Pool Car supervisors.

Reimbursement Claims are to be sent to the OPAC treasurer e-mail, P.O. Box stated on the forms. The respective supervisor is to be approached for any enquiries concerning reimbursement claims. If staff wants to become member of the Approved Vehicle List or wants a vehicle loan, the supervisor needs to be approached first.

Please be aware that extraordinary payment requests like payment for accomodation during retreats for the whole group etc. should be as few as possible, since they need as much effort to be processed as any reimbursement request from staff with let's say ten different receipts to be reimbursed. Try to summarize all expenses for a quarter and submit them with a proper filled reimbursement request quarterly.

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