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Welcome to OPAC-IC-Wiki!

That's a trial to get overseas staff, working for ELC-PNG, well organized. Especially because of the rather high staff turnover.


What's a "Wiki" and why do we use it?

"Wiki" is a Hawaiian expression for "fast" and therefore used as name for one of the simplest ways to create interlinked websites by different users. The most popular "Wiki" is Wikipedia with millions of people writing articles in different languages to provide a open source encyclopaedia. Actually this site uses the same software as Wikipedia does.

With the recent development within PNG towards better and faster internetconnections it might make sense to use the internet more efficiently to organize overseas staff working within ELC-PNG. This software has proved it's capability in a much wider context for only one purpose: to provide information.

Which information will be provided?

That's open and up to the users. The whole wiki might be extended throughout an ongoing process and contributions of many people.

In a first phase we should publish guidelines for administrative matters. This is vital for new staff arriving but also for well experienced staff to have e.g. lists of responsibilitys up to date.


Review of Handbooks

Financial Matters

Miscellaneous Pages

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