How to Fill Reimbursement Request Forms

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General Advice

  1. It is mandatory to submit the reimbursement claim forms within one month after each quarter for expenses arrised during this respective quarter. It is not possible to claim expenses in meantime during the quarter or expenses made a couple of quarters ago.
  2. Make sure you use the correct form for your claim (ie Vehicle, Security, OPAC-IC)
  3. If you choose to fill the forms by hand (pdf-Version), you MUST write readable!
  4. Fill ALL fields, as requested.

For claims from the VEHICLE SCHEME:

  1. Period: indicate the quarter you are claiming for (1, 2, 3 or 4)
  2. Category: Please tick the appropriate box for the category (Outstation or Non-Outstation) you are assigned to by OPAC-IC
  3. Annual allocation: insert your annual km allocation, apporved by OPAC-IC. That's the maximum amount of kilometers that may be claimed under the category "work related"
  4. Km-rate: Non-Outstation = K 1.50/km; Outstation = K 1.90/km. Please bear in mind that these numbers are subject to change!
  5. Quarterly depreciation: K 2700. Again, please bear in mind that these numbers are subject to change.
  6. Fill in the requested dates and odometer readings
  7. The section that is highlighted in grey (1-5) contains the kilometres claimed from OPAC-IC. Note the total amount for each category for that quarter and calculate the equivalent amount in Kina. Number 5 is NOT a "sundries" section. If you are not sure from which category to claim, contact the treasurer.
  8. Only kilometres in the grey section are reimbursed by OPAC. However, you need to list ALL your driven kilometres. You can use the same form for claims from home board, LCHOP housing etc.

For claims from SECURITY and OPAC-IC account:

  1. Use ONE row for each receipt.
  2. Indicate category (1-6) for each receipt. Only ONE category can be put in a row. If one receipt covers two categories (for example 3 overnights at a guest house for shopping trip and one overnight for Guest Days and travel) use a new line and refer to the same receipt number.
  3. Number all receipt, stick them (in order!) on a separate piece of paper. If there is no date on the receipt, write the appropriate date next to the receipt
  4. For shopping trips: please indicate number of trips (for example shopping trip 3/2011)

If you are in doubt or have questions on how to file a claim, please ask the reimbursement claim supervisor!

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